About Coventry: A naked horse ride and an iconic cathedral

The city of Coventry was founded in the 11th century and sits in the historic county of Warwickshire, best known as the birthplace of William Shakespeare. Coventry itself has a population of over 360,000 and is home to 2 universities, Coventry University in the city centre and the University of Warwick on the outskirts, as well as a professional football team, Coventry City FC.

As a largely urban area, Coventry faces many of the same issues around crime as other similar sized places. So, let’s find out: ‘how safe is Coventry?’

Coventry Crime Rate

According to UK Crime Statistics the most widely reported type of crime in Coventry in the 12 months up to November 2018 was violent crime. This also includes sexual offences, and is the type of crime that is often the most common within cities. Anti-social behaviour was the 2nd most common type of offence that was reported, with 4,979 incidents logged within the same period.

Burglary was the 4th most frequently reported crime in the Coventry City Council area, with 3,097 instances. You might not be able to absolutely guarantee that you won’t be burgled, but you can review the locks in your home or business to ensure they are as secure as possible. Locksmith Coventry can give you a free, no-obligation estimate to upgrade your locks so contact us today.

Crime in Coventry

Crime Statistics for Coventry City Council area (Dec 2017 - Nov 2018)

Source: UK Crime Statistics

Coventry Wards

Which is the safest area of Coventry?

The recorded crime rate across the Coventry City Council area varies from council ward to council ward. In any city the areas with the lowest number of recorded crimes tend to be those located furthest from the city centre. These tend to be less densely populated and sometimes more affluent. In Coventry the safest areas, according to the number of crimes reported, are the wards of Wainbody and Woodlands, both at the very edge of the Coventry City Council area.

On the other hand, the ward with the highest rate of recorded crime, with almost twice as many recorded crimes, as the second placed ward, is St Michael’s. This ward contains Coventry city centre which has a concentration of nightclubs and bars which may be associated with a higher crime rate. If you own a Coventry city centre business, consider calling Locksmith Coventry for your free security audit.

Crime Statistics for Coventry City Council Wards (Dec 2017 - Nov 2018)

Source: UK Crime Statistics

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Is the crime rate in Coventry going up or down?

There has a gradual increase in the rate of crime recorded in Coventry since June 2015 according to figures collected by Police UK. However, this rate dipped slightly from December 2017 to June 2018.

The rate of some crimes rose more than others with violent crime seeing a fairly steady rise. The figures for burglary however have fluctuated within the same period. Burglary is one of the crimes that tends to be affected by the time of year, with some homeowners forgetting to close or lock windows during the warmer summer weather. Locking windows can discourage burglars who often look for open or unlocked windows, so contact Locksmith Coventry to check if your window locks are up to scratch.

Crimes Over Time (June 2015 - June 2018, per quarter)

Graph shows crimes in 3 months per 1,000 population. Source: Police.UK

Coventry Wards

Is Coventry safer than other cities?

If we look at reported crime in areas of a similar size and demographic makeup to Coventry the average rate of reported crime is 106.18 per 1,000 population according to Police UK. While these areas are not all exactly the same they are similar enough to compare crime rates across them.

In the twelve-month period ending in June 2018 the crime rate for Coventry was 72.87 per 1,000 population. This places Coventry as the area with lowest overall crime rate when compared to places such as Derby, Sheffield and Luton.

There are some variations if we look at individual types of crime, with Coventry having a slightly higher than average rate of reported burglaries than the other similar areas it was compared to.

Comparison with similar sized cities (July 2017 - June 2018)

Graph shows crimes per 1,000 population. Source: Police.UK

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More about Coventry

The most well-known landmark in Coventry is St Michael’s Cathedral, built next to the remains of the 14th-century church of the same name. St Michael’s was heavily bombed by the Luftwaffe during the Second World War, which left only the outer walls and the spire standing. The modern cathedral was consecrated in 1962 with Benjamin Britten composing War Requiem to mark the vent. The cathedral featured heavily in the 2009 film Nativity!

Crime in Coventry

Coventry is also famous for the story of Lady Godiva. According to legend Godiva, Countess of Mercia rode naked through the streets of Coventry to protest against the taxation imposed on the people of Coventry by her husband. Herbert Art Gallery and Museum in the city has a permanent exhibition of artworks relating to the story of Godiva, including works by well-known Victorian painters.

Coventry will be UK City of Culture in 2021, a title it won after beating Paisley, Stoke-on-Trent, Swansea and Sunderland. It is the most centrally located city in England, and is twinned with 26 places around the globe, including Dresden, Belgrade and Warsaw. Coventry was at one time a centre of motor vehicle and bike production in the UK, being the home at various times of a number of manufacturers including Daimler.

What to do if you are burgled

What to do if your Coventry home or business is broken into

If you think there is still somebody in your home or business, then the first thing to do is to make sure you stay safe. Do not try to confront them. As this is an emergency, you can call West Midlands police on 999.

However, if you are sure that there is no intruder on site you can use the 101 number to contact the police and report the crime. When you report the crime check that the police are happy for you to clean up the scene and make any necessary repairs, they may want to examine it. You can contact Locksmith Coventry on 02476 102302 any time day or night; our 24-hour emergency locksmith service will be able to get to you quickly to repair or replace any locks as necessary. You may want to replace all your locks if any spare sets of keys have been stolen.

Victim Support will be able to help you get over the shock and stress of a burglary. This is a free an confidential service, and can be reached either by phone or online.

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Protect your Coventry home or business against burglary

Whether or not you have been a victim of crime it’s always worth thinking about what you can do to prevent someone entering your home or business illegally.

The Neighbourhood Watch website lets you search for local schemes in your area, as well as giving advice if you want to set up a new scheme in your Coventry neighbourhood. The added protection of a Neighbourhood Watch scheme can put burglars off as they are frequently opportunists.

Locksmith Coventry’s skilled locksmiths are always on hand to visit your business premises or home and provide you with a free, no obligation security audit. All the locks we fit are British Standard approved, and we can fit anything from digital looks to patio door locks. Contact us today.

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